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Creating An Inviting Yard

I have always been one of those people who loves to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for others, which is why I started looking at landscaping design in the first place. It was incredible to me to see how much of a difference I was able to make by adding a few new plants, and after that first project, I wanted to help other people. I started volunteering to help friends and neighbors do their landscaping, and after a few months, I had developed quite a following. This blog is all about creating a warm, inviting yard through smart landscaping and an eye for detail.

Creating An Inviting Yard

Want To Do A Better Job Of Keeping Your Home Clean? Improve Your Property's Hardscaping

by Addison Washington

It is inevitable for your home to pick up dirt and dust throughout the day. But, when your family leaves and comes back, there is a chance for them to bring extra dirt into the home. It is possible for this to happen when they come back from work or an errand as well as when they enter from the backyard. If you have tile or hardwood flooring, this is not too difficult to handle as a quick vacuum will clean it up. The same cannot be said when most of your home is covered in carpet, which is harder to maintain. It is worth taking on several hardscaping projects in an effort to enjoy a cleaner home at all times.

Pave Pathways Around the Property

If your family has to traverse across dirt or grass to get in your home or when they are walking on the sides or the back of the property, they will likely pick up dirt in their shoes. While you can rely on outdoor mats to get rid of some dirt particles before they get inside, it will likely not pick up everything. This is why you should invest in paved walkways around the property to minimize how much dirt is picked up.

Do Not Entertain in Dirt or Grass

Inviting family and friends over to spend time in your backyard is perfectly reasonable. But, you may expect everyone to walk around on the dirt or grass during this experience. It may work for the situation, but this will unfortunately lead to shoes getting dirty and that dirt will get tracked into the house. Since you do not want to require your guests to thoroughly clean their shoes before going inside, you will have a mess that you must attempt to clean up after everything has settled and your guests are gone. It is easy to solve this issue by building a patio or taking a paved area and using that for entertaining purposes.

Use Mulch to Your Advantage

When you build walkways around your landscape, leaving the surrounding area as dirt will lead to some particles getting kicked up, especially on windy days and when it rains. But, you can minimize how dirty the walkways get by surrounding the vicinity with mulch in the form of bark, moss, or wood chips. The mulch may not stop your shoes from getting dirty altogether, but it will make a difference.

Hiring professionals from a company like Davis Landscape to work on hardscaping will make it easier to keep your home clean.