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Creating An Inviting Yard

I have always been one of those people who loves to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for others, which is why I started looking at landscaping design in the first place. It was incredible to me to see how much of a difference I was able to make by adding a few new plants, and after that first project, I wanted to help other people. I started volunteering to help friends and neighbors do their landscaping, and after a few months, I had developed quite a following. This blog is all about creating a warm, inviting yard through smart landscaping and an eye for detail.

Creating An Inviting Yard

Don't Forget To Stage Your Yard Before An Open House

by Addison Washington

In advance of selling their home, many homeowners are keen on hiring a professional staging service to make the inside of the residence look desirable. This approach can be an especially good idea before an open house, as those who visit will hopefully be pleased with what they see. If you're only staging the interior, however, you aren't doing all that you can to increase the likelihood that you'll sell your home quickly. You should also have plans to stage your yard, and this is where your local landscaping service comes in. Many landscaping services can provide staging work — in other words, temporary upgrades that will help to beautify the yard. Here are some elements that you'll want to discuss.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a valuable addition to making your yard look appealing. However, it's possible that you don't currently own patio furniture, or that your current furniture pieces leave a little to be desired. Instead of buying an expensive set, only to go to the hassle of moving these pieces when you sell your home, look for a landscaping service that can offer a patio set as staging accessories. Someone will arrive at your home to set up these items to make your patio appear more inviting.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are another common accessory that you can get when you hire a landscaping service to stage your yard. The landscaper likely has a variety of options from which to choose, so whether it's a pair of large planters with colorful blooms to place on your front walkway or some smaller planters to hang off your fence or affix outside your kitchen window, the landscaper will be able to set things up in this manner before your open house begins.

Lighting Solutions

Another effective way to beautify the exterior of your home when you're trying to sell it is to add lighting solutions. Landscaping services that specialize in yard staging can often offer a variety of different options to improve the look of your home in the evening. While you might not have the lights turned on during the open house, you can keep them lit in the evenings when prospective buyers might drive past the residence to check its curb appeal. Floodlights in your garden, small lights that line your front pathway, and other similar lighting solutions can all have an impact on the look of your yard.

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