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Creating An Inviting Yard

I have always been one of those people who loves to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for others, which is why I started looking at landscaping design in the first place. It was incredible to me to see how much of a difference I was able to make by adding a few new plants, and after that first project, I wanted to help other people. I started volunteering to help friends and neighbors do their landscaping, and after a few months, I had developed quite a following. This blog is all about creating a warm, inviting yard through smart landscaping and an eye for detail.

Creating An Inviting Yard

Three Ways To Get Plenty Of Mulch For Landscaping Your Whole Yard

by Addison Washington

When mulching, there is a lot to consider. Do you use organic mulch or recycled rubber? Do you create mulch or buy it from a store? Do you understand that mulch is not compost and vice versa? When you are well-informed and ready to mulch, here are three ways to get a lot of mulch quickly so that you can landscape your whole yard.

Bulk Mulch Pallets Home Delivery

There are three ways this home delivery goes down. One, the bulk mulch is delivered loosely in the back of a pickup truck and dumped on a part of your lawn where you can cart it off in a wheelbarrow to different parts of the yard. Two, it is delivered bagged, with all of the bags stacked on a pallet and then shrink-wrapped to prevent the loss of any of the bags during shipping. Three, it is freeze-dried into a large cube and shrink-wrapped in order to be delivered unbagged. With this last option, all you have to do is add water with the garden hose before breaking down the cube and disbursing the mulch to where you want it to go. (Just make sure you cut off the plastic shrink-wrap first!)

Shred Leaves and Grass Clippings

Shredded dead leaves and grass clippings make for the easiest DIY mulch. Since you are restoring nutrients to trees, shrubs, and grass by giving back this organic material, the yard and trees/shrubs respond very well to extracting what they need from this kind of mulch. The best part is that you can get mulch every time you mow your lawn.

Wood Chippers and Extra Trees on Your Property

Squirrels and birds are notorious for dropping tree seeds and burying them in places where you definitely do not want a few extra trees. However, you can work that to your advantage by chopping down those extra trees on your property and putting them through a wood chipper. The chipper creates instant bark mulch for your yard. If you want the mulch to have some color, you only have to soak your wood chips in a natural dye, like beet juice, to get the look of store-bought wood chips.

However, after you have used up all of the expendable trees on your property and you still need more bark mulch, you will have to purchase bulk mulch from the store in the color of your choice.