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Creating An Inviting Yard

Soil Stabilization Methods to Prepare Sites for Construction and Development

by Addison Washington

If you have land that you are planning on developing and building on, problems with soil movement can put a damper on your plans. Therefore, you may need pre-construction soil stabilization solutions before you can begin your project. The following solutions are worth considering:

Cementing soil to provide stabilization for construction

Cementing soil is one of the most common types of soil stabilization because it is affordable and works with different types of soil. This process involves mixing the soil with a mixture of cement, lime, and other additives. After the soil is mixed, it can be treated with water, and when it cures, it provides a stable base to begin construction.

Chemical treatments to harden soils for construction

Chemical treatments that are applied to the soil with a mixture of water during excavations can be the easiest and most economical stabilization methods. If the soil conditions are right, the chemical treatments can be applied to harden the soil and make it more stable for building on. Chemical stabilization is similar to cement stabilization, but different chemical additives may be added for specific soil types. Usually, the ingredients for chemical stabilization include things like lime, fly ash, and hardener agents (often lime byproducts). These are some of the chemical additives that can be mixed with soil for stabilizing it before beginning a construction project.

Soil grouting solutions to reduce soil movement before building

Soil grouting is another method that can be used for soil stabilization. It provides you with soil stabilization solutions for soils that are soft and deep. This method is similar to cement and chemical solutions, but it is done to depths to provide solid foundations to build on. With soil grouting, the soil mixture will be different and harder to support structural loads for the specifications of a construction project.

Landscaping designs that provide soil stabilization before construction

Landscaping designs can also be an important component of soil stabilization solutions. First, solutions like geotextiles and hardscaping like retaining walls can help contain soils. Plant ground cover and solutions like hydroseeding can also be elements of the landscaping design that help to stabilize soils before beginning a construction project.

These are soil stabilization methods that can be used to make soils more stable before developing and building. Call a soil stabilization service to start planning these solutions when you get ready to break ground on your next project.