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Creating An Inviting Yard

I have always been one of those people who loves to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for others, which is why I started looking at landscaping design in the first place. It was incredible to me to see how much of a difference I was able to make by adding a few new plants, and after that first project, I wanted to help other people. I started volunteering to help friends and neighbors do their landscaping, and after a few months, I had developed quite a following. This blog is all about creating a warm, inviting yard through smart landscaping and an eye for detail.

Creating An Inviting Yard

5 Ways To Improve The Landscaping At Your Rental Properties

by Addison Washington

Maintaining the landscaping at your rental property can be time-consuming and expensive. A landscaping service can help you simplify the process and stick to your budget. Some of the following strategies can further help. 

1. Simplify the Layout

Simpler landscaping designs are easier to maintain and more difficult to damage. Keep lawn areas fairly symmetrical and squared off, for example, as it's easier to mow and edge the lawn if there aren't odd cutouts, curves, or island beds. Sticking to a single type of shrub for a foundation planting is also simpler, as these can all be pruned at the same time, using the same methods, instead of having different plants with varying needs.

2. Increase the Hardscaping

Hardscaping includes paving, landscaping gravel, and retaining walls — basically anything that isn't a plant. Although it can be more expensive to install upfront compared to plantings, it is often less expensive to maintain over the long term. It's also harder to damage, making hardscaping a good option for rental properties. Decrease planted areas by increasing the size of patios or by adding gravel to reduce the needed plants for large garden bed areas.

3. Choose Informal Pruning

There are two main pruning styles. Formal pruning is what is used for highly symmetrical hedges, such as the box hedges that sometimes are used instead of fencing. Informal pruning allows bushes and trees to retain their natural form, with just an annual trim to remove crowded branches and damaged wood. Opt for shrubs and trees that look nice when pruned informally, such as lilac trees or spirea bushes, as these are easier to maintain.

4. Add Automatic Irrigation

Nothing kills your landscape plants quicker than poor watering practices. By taking control of irrigation you won't have to worry about your tenant's forgetting to water or conversely, watering too much. You can have irrigation installed for both the lawn grass and for other plantings such as trees and shrubs. There are even sprinkler systems you can control remotely, so you don't have to worry about how your tenant is managing the system.

5. Take Over Maintenance

The easiest way to ensure your property's landscaping stays in good repair is to handle the majority of maintenance. A landscaping crew can handle the weekly maintenance, like mowing, along with seasonal maintenance such as pruning, fertilizing, and fall cleanup. Tenants will appreciate having a nice yard to enjoy, especially if they don't have to maintain it, and this can in turn increase the rental value of the property.

Contact a property landscaping service for more info.